How it Works


Claimery helps patent holders protect and license their patents.

Claimery works with patent holders to find marketplace sellers that are infringing on the patent holder's IP. We work to license the item.

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Claimery allows Inventors to do what they do best, INVENT!
We help turn your patents into money!

How it works
24/7 Patent Monitoring
  • Dedicated team and AI engine monitors your patent on marketplaces to identify infringing sellers.


  • You review list of identified infringers and verify which sellers are in fact infringers.
  • Claimery then submits takedown requests to marketplaces until item is taken down.


  • Claimery identifies potential sellers that are good candidates to license your patent.
  • Claimery negotiates and secures licensing deals for your patent.
  • Claimery monitors sales of Licensee and collects monthly licensing fees.
  • Claimery fees are paid through collected licensing fees. The rest is paid to directly to the patent holder.

Claimery was designed by inventors for inventors!

Here is how you start
  • Patent Holders create a free Claimery account.
  • Patent holder registers one or multiple patents.
  • Claimery then works on your behalf to find infringing sellers
  • No risk and no out of pocket expense. We only get paid from what we collect.


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